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    Kernel version file linux Summary of Linux kernel version numbering. Retrieved 22 August 2016. Archived from on 7 September 2015. Rebooted, straight to GRUB. So please update the answer for Ubuntu 10. In the late 2. When you know which kernel to remove, continue below to remove it. Edit: I am such an idiot, had libncurses5 not libncurses5-dev, forgot that this was a fresh installation. Retrieved 21 February 2015. If it prints out 3. Retrieved 14 May 2013. Retrieved 18 December 2012. Generic kernels are the default. Retrieved 11 May 2015. Retrieved 22 January 2018. Is there any way of disabling this for batch deletion, then regenerating it once? Retrieved 9 July 2014. Restart the system normally. Based on a previous answer by David Kemp, the following script will purge all headers and images except for the last 2 versions. Each version resides in its own directory. Retrieved 22 February 2015. Kernel version file linux Retrieved 31 December 2010. Among the three ways discussed here, I use uname all the time. Everything went fine with make oldconfig and you were right, i did get an inside look into the various hardware options when i paused to look at them, but sadly it seems a proper kernel upgrade is not for the likes of me. We need to dissect it from the inside out. By choice, the Linux kernel has no.

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