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    Soap version 1.2 content type Hi Arjen, Thanks a lot for your precise help. All immediate child elements of the SOAP Header are called SOAP header blocks. Either the first sequence in the following group must occur or else the href attribute must appear, but not both. The set of and through which a single passes. However, instead of integers, they are defined as XML qualified names see. This is set to SoapProtocolVersion. The SOAP mustUnderstand attribute allows for robust evolution. If present, the SOAP fault MUST appear as a SOAP body block and MUST NOT appear more than once within a SOAP Body. Rules for dealing with SOAP 1. NET Framework, Version 2. Applications MAY process invocations with missing parameters but also MAY return a fault. Can SOAP be used here? Members of the Working Group are at the time of writing, and by alphabetical order : Yasser al Safadi Philips ResearchVidur Apparao NetscapeDon Box DevelopMentorDavid Burdett Commerce OneCharles Campbell Informix SoftwareAlex Ceponkus BowstreetMichael Champion Software AGDavid Clay OracleUgo Corda XeroxPaul Cotton Microsoft CorporationRon Daniel InterwovenGlen Daniels AllaireDoug Davis IBMRay Denenberg Library of CongressPaul Denning MITRE CorporationFrank DeRose TIBCO Software, Inc. Thus, I would like to have a solution for that. Browse other questions tagged or. The SOAP actor global attribute can be used to indicate the SOAP node at which a particular SOAP header block is targeted. MessageImpl init SEVERE: SAAJ0533: Cannot create message: incorrect content-type for SOAP version. So I had to read the source code of SOAP::Lite and related modules. It is inappropriate to send discussion emails to this address. MessageImpl init SEVERE: SAAJ0533: Cannot create message: incorrect content-type for SOAP version. Reg the original content type,I guess I was not clear on why I was using it. Fixed a couple of typos and updated a couple of example captions. Soap version 1.2 content type Immediate child elements of the detail element MAY be namespace-qualified. All values are of specific types. Please Update Your Browser In order to provide you with a more secure web experience, we have upgraded the CDC. A multi-reference value MUST be represented as the content of an independent element. This is the top element of the XML document representing the SOAP message. This is one I know about 1. It MUST be present in a SOAP fault and SHOULD provide at least some information explaining the nature of the fault.

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